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LITTLE LEAGUE - Courage, Character, and Loyalty!

New Here? Welcome!

Here's some basic information to get you started:

  • First, if you're new to baseball... WELCOME!!
  • Yucaipa has two assigned Little Leagues: Yucaipa Valley National Little League (YVNLL - that's us!) and Yucaipa Valley American Little League.
  • To see which league your player should register for, start by checking the Boundary Map or you can use the League Finder as well. Players that live in, or go to school inside the red boundary lines are considered a National League player. If your address/player's school is located on the the outside of the boundary lines for National League, please visit Yucaipa Valley American Little League's website to register at
  • For more information about YVNLL, follow us on  Facebook,  Instagram or register with Sports Connect to receive updated information. 
  • Before registering your player, please take a moment to review the Required Documents that are needed to register. Incomplete registrations will not be accepted.
  • Registration is held online, however there will be limited In-Person Registration Events. Please check social media for updates!

Expectations for Our League

  1.  Everyone is to HAVE FUN!
    • Teach Positive reinforcement – Rewards rather than yelling. Teach coaches to laugh with their players. Remember: it is not about YOU – it is about the kids.
    • Borrow players – When a team is low on players, the other team has the ability to borrow a player from the opposing team. Doing so keeps games from being forfeited and teaches good sportsmanship by learning to appreciate players on the opposing team. This helps everyone to have fun and play with respect for the opposing team.
    • Minimum play requirements – Each player in Little League is required to play a minimum of six (6) defensive outs (which is basically two innings). We also bat the entire lineup. We want our youth to play, not ride the bench. We encourage coaches to teach all of their players to play all of the positions.
  2.  Have a shot at the big time – Little League World Series
    • Play baseball after the normal season in AllStars! – Only Little League Baseball has a true International World Series with representatives from every area of the world playing before a national audience. All Star teams, selected from our Spring divisions, have a chance to play in State/Regional and World Series tournaments! Regional finals, and all World Series games, are televised by ESPN and ABC Sports.
  3.  Teach Fundamentals of Baseball (and LIFE)!
    • Coaching Coordinator to help new (and old) coaches alike – YVNLL has a “Coaching Coordinator” who assists New coaches in planning fun and effective practices. They assist in implementing a fair and even playing time rotation. They also provide some of the best ways to teach baseball skills, such as throwing a ball or fielding a ground ball, to those players that are new to the game.
    • Coach training for Baseball fundamentals – Little League International offers several FREE coaches clinics online. 
    • Emphasize player development – Coaches are encouraged to play everyone in different positions and no one should sit out for more than 2 innings per game. Regular season games are designed to allow coaches to teach all of their players and to prepare their teams for the end of season tournament.
    • Instructional for Baseball and Life – Little League Baseball is about more than playing baseball. It’s also about teaching our youth life skills and important personal traits like character, courage and loyalty.
  4.  Safety
    • ASAP – Little League maintains their ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) to ensure EVERY child’s Little League experience is a safe one.
    • Background Checks – Little League was the first National Youth Sports Organization to mandate background checks on all Managers, Coaches and other key volunteers.
  5.  Sportsmanship
    • No out-of-control players/coaches/fans – YVNLL encourages parents and other fans to cheer for their player and to cheer LOUD! What we will not tolerate is obnoxious and disruptive fans. Fans, or Coaches for that matter, who exhibit obnoxious and disruptive behavior will be ejected from the field immediately. This will help maintain a family-safe environment for players and their families alike.
    • No EROC’s – EROC’s (End Result Oriented Coaches) seem to be everywhere. They are the Coaches that cheer when the other team makes an error, yell at one of their OWN players when they miss a ground ball or scream at an umpire when they make a call that goes against the Coach’s team. For EROC’s, the only thing that matters is whether you get the out or score a run. Doing it right doesn’t matter. EROC’s teach bad habits and bad behavior. YVNLL coaches are taught to teach the “process” (fundamentals) over the “results.” 
    • Teach life lessons from baseball – At YVNLL, our philosophy is simple: we teach the game of life through the game of baseball! We want out players to learn character traits, such as, determination, a solid work ethic, accountability, responsibility, teamwork, compassion and integrity, while also learning a sport. We teach that giving yourself to something bigger than yourself prepares you for life.
  6.  Cost Effective
    • SIMPLY we cost much less than other baseball organizations. – When you register with YVNLL, we are chartered with Little League International. Little League International has a great foundation in being the largest Youth Sports Organization in the world that assists leagues to offer your player the best, affordable league to play for. 
    • Low cost per game – Little League Baseball is a registered 501-c-3 non-profit organization which means we’re not in this to make money. We are here to provide the BEST baseball experience of your child’s life. That helps keep our registration fees low.
  7.  The More Players the Better
    • Little League Environment is the Best – We want as many of Yucaipa's youth as possible to experience Little League Baseball! We do everything we can to make this the best environment to play baseball and learn about life. We believe this environment needs to be expanded in as many ways as possible. Help us to get the word out that YVNLL is a great place to play baseball.

Contact Us

Yucaipa Valley National Little League

P.O. BOX 183 
Yucaipa, California 92399

Email: [email protected]

Yucaipa Valley National Little League

P.O. BOX 183 
Yucaipa, California 92399

Email: [email protected]
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